Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education
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Philosophy of Education

Ken has been teaching music since his 9th grade in high school.  He has had the privilege to teach and bring the love of music to thousands of people all over the world including the
U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and China.  He has played the trombone in every type of musical group there is and in most of the styles of music from jazz to orchestra from musicals to movies and television.  He brings these experiences to the students and teachers he works with.  He strongly believes you have nothing to say unless you have actually done a high and broad level of performances. 

He has spent a lifetime developing musical pedagogy and delivering it to people in an exciting, meaningful, and fun manner.  According to Ken, "the main rationale for teaching music in schools (K-12) is not to produce professional musicians, but to produce well-adjusted, organized, successful people with strong work ethics."

Ken uses the compete discipline of music to teach students how to develop their talent and intelligence to become successful and satisfied individuals, no matter what age or background.  The comprehensive study of music, as he sees it, teaches all the concepts for success.  1) persistence and determination, 2) attitude, 3) responsibility, 4) respect – self and others, 5) priority setting, 6) time management, 7) organizational skills, 8) follow through, 9) critical thinking, 10) strong work ethic, and 11) multi-cultural awareness.  He emphasizes the importance of regular practice, technical work, learning new music, jazz improvising, listening to all styles of music and picking musical role models.  “I don’t see myself as a teacher, I see myself as a facilitator for people to learn.”

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