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There are not many teachers and educators working today who have the insight and understanding as Ken Foberg.  There is a mixture of the traditional methods of sound teaching and discipline that all students need and a rare ability to excite and motivate young and old to improve and grow.  His excitement, which never seems to lag, inspires all educators and students he comes in contact with.  I have seen him work and have sat and talked with him for almost twenty years.  Not only is he knowledgeable in the field of music, the theory and performance of music, but he is able to inject into his teaching humor and experiences that seem to teach entire groups.  He can touch the advanced student as well as the slow learner and also those who are not sureIssac Jenkins, Vocal and Instrumental Director, DosPueblos High School, Santa Barbara, CA. 


I have known Ken for twenty years and he has proven many times in and out of my presence to be a first-rate quality educator, clinician and musician.  Ken has a fabulous ability to get the most out of people and students in a short amount of time and every one has fun doing it.  Ken has experience with all age groups of people and has shown much success in all idioms of the music business.  Ken has worked with me and for my program over six years as a full-time music teacher.  Mr. Foberg’s best attribute is the ability to teach and guide his students and their instructors through the information that is not presented in higher education but out in the filed of the music arena.  He provides a unique service to all with his knowledge and experience in getting everyone to work with concepts that are not explored or even presented by educational programs and curriculums.  These worthwhile tools help everyone to understand and succeed in the music business and a much higher level than the even gifted of individuals.  Ken remains one of our countries best educators, clinicians and musicians and will always be in demand by my program and our mutual colleagues in the field of music education and music businessJeffrey Tower, Director of Bands, Hemet High School, Hemet, CA. 


Ken Foberg is a dynamic music teacher and clinician who is able to successfully communicate a vast amount of knowledge to his students regardless of the students’ level and ability.  He demonstrated this not only in the formal classroom setting, but as well as in clinics.  His approach to teaching is excellentFrank Bongiorno, Chair, Department of Music, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC.   


Ken creates a strong charismatic presence in front of an ensemble, and his precise, succinct commentary peppered with his blistering wit combine to impart profound insights not only into successful music making but into successful living as well.  It is without hesitation and complete confidence that I recommend Ken Foberg as a consummate music educatorCarl Hammond, Concert Band Director, Palomar College/Director of Music Designate, Coronado School of the Arts, San Diego, CA.


Many thanks for your help with regard to the Rex Ball Mardi Gras night.  Its success is dependent upon individuals like you upon whom we can count to be responsible and efficient.  Needless to say, there is a great confidence level having you around…R. King Milling, Krewe of Rex, New Orleans, LA.




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